Am 13. März 2022


Die New Yorker Ikone live auf der Bühne des Gartenbaukinos



Der Star der von Martin Scorsese gedrehten erfolgreichen Netflix Serie “Pretend It’s a City” kommt nach Wien: live auf die Bühne des Gartenbaukinos!

Fran Lebowitz ist als Autorin, Satirikerin und scharfsinnige Beobachterin und Kommentatorin der Gesellschaft eine New Yorker Ikone. Sie ist häufiger und gern gesehener Gast bei allen wichtigen amerikanischen Talkshows, hat weder Computer noch Handy und ist für ihre beißenden Bemerkungen und Bonmots genauso bekannt wie für ihre maßgeschneiderten Anzugsakkos.

Im März 2022 kommt sie erstmals nach Wien und wird auf der Bühne des Gartenbaukinos ihre Scharfzüngigkeit unter Beweis stellen.

Beispiel gefällig? Fran Lebowitz im Interview mit Harper's Bazaar: "I wouldn’t call myself a grumpy person, but I accept that everyone else does. If I ever got a positive Covid test – which I surely hope I don't – it would be maybe the first time anyone ever called to tell me I was positive.”


€ 59,- (Reihe 1-21) & € 45,- (Reihe 22-32)

In a cultural landscape filled with endless pundits and talking heads, Fran Lebowitz stands out as one of our most insightful social commentators.

Her essays and interviews offer her acerbic views on current events and the media – as well as pet peeves including tourists, baggage-claim areas, after-shave lotion, adults who roller skate, children who speak French, or anyone who is unduly tan. The New York Times Book Review calls Lebowitz an "important humorist in the classic tradition." Purveyor of urban cool, Lebowitz is a cultural satirist whom many call the heir to Dorothy Parker.

Lebowitz on special interest groups: “Special-interest publications should realize that if they are attracting enough advertising and readers to make a profit, the interest is not so special.”
Lebowitz on frankness: “Spilling your guts is exactly as charming as it sounds.”
Lebowitz on herself: “Success didn't spoil me, I've always been insufferable.”

This is Lebowitz off the cuff. Her writing – pointed, taut and economical – is equally forthright, irascible, and unapologetically opinionated.

Lebowitz worked odd jobs, such as taxi driving, belt peddling, and apartment cleaning (“with a small specialty in Venetian blinds”), before being hired by Andy Warhol as a columnist for Interview. That was followed by a stint at Mademoiselle. Her first book, a collection of essays titled Metropolitan Life, was a bestseller, as was a second collection, Social Studies. By turns ironic, facetious, deadpan, sarcastic, wry, wisecracking, and waggish, Lebowitz’s prose is wickedly entertaining. Her two books are collected in The Fran Lebowitz Reader, with a new preface by the author. The Fran Lebowitz Reader has been published in nine languages including French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Lebowitz is also the author of the children’s book, Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas.

Between 2001 to 2007, Lebowitz had a recurring role as Judge Janice Goldberg on the television drama Law & Order. She also had a part in the Martin Scorsese-directed film, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013). A raconteur if ever there was one, Lebowitz has long been a regular on various talk shows including those hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien, and Bill Maher. In an interview with the Paris Review, Lebowitz said, “I’m not a nervous person. I’m not afraid to be on TV. I’m only afraid when I write. When I’m at my desk I feel like most people would feel if they went on TV.”

She can also be seen in various documentary films including the American Experience series on New York City, as well as Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures (2016), Regarding Susan Sontag (2014), and Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol (1990), among others. In 2010 Martin Scorsese directed a documentary about Lebowitz for HBO titled Public Speaking. A limited documentary series, Pretend It's a City, also directed by Martin Scorsese, premiered on Netflix in 2021, and was nominated for the 2021 Emmys in the Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series category.

Lebowitz was named to Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 2008. She remains a style icon. Lebowitz lives in New York City, as she does not believe that she would be allowed to live anywhere else.




wussten Sie dass ...

  • bei der Eröffnung im Dezember 1960 Kirk Douglas anwesend war?
  • das Kino anfangs 900 Sitzplätze hatte?
  • das Gartenbaukino mit 736 Sitzplätzen der größte Kinosaal Wiens ist?
  • das Kino seinen Namen der "k.k. Gartenbau-Gesellschaft" zu verdanken hat, in dessen Ringstraßen-Palais das alte Gartenbau-Kino 1919 errichtet wurde?
  • das Gartenbaukino als erstes Kino Österreichs 70mm spielen konnte?
  • das Kino seit Anfang 2016 wieder 70mm spielfähig ist?
  • die Viennale bereits seit 1973 das Gartenbaukino als Spielstätte nutzt?
  • es bis Anfang der 80er Jahre vor den Vorstellungen eine Modeschau gab, wo aktuelle Kollektionen der großen Modehäuser präsentiert wurden?
  • die analogen Projektoren (Philips DP70 mit den Seriennummern 2032 und 2038) seit Eröffnung die selben und nach wie vor in Betrieb sind?
  • im Saal des Kinos 383 Glühbirnen installiert sind?
  • das Gartenbaukino als einziges Kino Österreichs mit einer Cinerama-Leinwand ausgestattet war?
  • der Preis einer Kinokarte im Gartenbaukino bei Eröffnung 1960 zwischen 12 und 40 Schilling lag?

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